IAP provides intimate exposure to its projects, allowing many to find their niche as they move from success to significance. With a diversity of development initiatives, IAP allows its supporters a real hands-on opportunity to serve others at project sites or on stateside teams that champion each project.

Mission Statement

Motivated by God’s love, IAP works directly with project partners, implementing sustainable and holistic community development strategies designed to alleviate suffering and poverty.

  • start businesses
  • establish microlending programs
  • provide homes and education
  • open medical clinics
  • promote agricultural development

Board Members

Charlee Brewer
Executive Director
Lori Houk
Board Member
Houk Christy 2
Christy Houk
Board Member
Kent Lupton
Board Member
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Mark Houk
Board Member

The Results

Medical Clinic

A medical clinic has been started in Romania and continues to serve thousands of patients each year.

Dental Care

From training of dental technicians to providing vital sealants. Smiles are brighter in our project areas.

Health Support

Physicians and nutritionists travel and serve our projects health needs.

Sustainable Food Sources

Greenhouses, farming tech, crop rotation, animal husbandry and irrigation all contribute to food security in our project communities.

Homes for Orphans

Licensed and sustainable children's homes are bringing orphans into a caring, family setting.

Sustainable Employment

Businesses have been started abroad with non-U.S. nationals in positions of ownership and direction.