Escuela Integrada

IAP has partnered with Escuela Integrada, believing that education provides the door to life for Guatemalans living in poverty. Children attending school at EI’s campus in La Antigua are indigenous and live with the effects of daily prejudice, abuse, poverty and social inequities. EI's holistic approach provides education, spiritual direction, and social opportunities to Maya communities.

Project Released to in 2018 (Legacy Project)


About Escuela Integrada

La Escuela Integrada de Niños Trabajadores is a Guatemalan non-profit organization, which has been serving the indigenous Maya since 2002. The school opened in the City of Antigua, initially providing 110 impoverished children vital access to education. EI now provides education, food security, and is pursuing sustainable, long-term economic development solutions for over 450 of the poorest Guatemalan children and their families.

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A Bright Future

By providing education, spiritual direction, and social opportunities, EI is breaking the cycle of poverty and bringing a message of hope to those desperately in need. With all of IAP’s projects, sustainability is key. Our team is currently vetting out income-generating opportunities centered around coffee, cocoa and hospitality services.


Over 10 years strong

The program has been in existence for over 10 years.

98% pass rates

The school consistently posts strong results in student academic performance.

99% graduation rate

99% of all enrolled students graduate from the school.

Top Ten of The Best Schools

Rated one of the top schools in the area year after year.

80% employment rate

In a country with more than a 60% unemployment rate, many grads are able to get jobs

Presidential Award for Academic Excellence

The school is the recipient of this prestigious award.

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Escuela Integrada and the Maya in La Antigua are so grateful for the generous support of IAP since 2014. Funding is no longer being solicited for this project, as project viability has been achieved. If you would like to continue in your support of Hannah Nadeau or the Escuela project, more information can be found at .