Sawla Children's Home

Since 2007, Sawla Children’s Home in northern Ghana has cared for over 50 orphans, providing for their basic needs and more. Now fed and healthy, these children are rising to the top of their classes in school and are showing great promise for the future. Each child is now loved and part of an amazing family that is impacting the surrounding villages and communities. In 2020, the children's home operation converted to a private Christian boarding school now called Train A Child International School.

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Escuela Integrada

IAP has partnered with Escuela Integrada, believing that education provides the door to life for Guatemalans living in poverty. Children attending school at EI’s campus in La Antigua are indigenous and live with the effects of daily prejudice, abuse, poverty and social inequities. EI's holistic approach provides education, spiritual direction, and social opportunities to Maya communities.

Project Released to in 2018 (Legacy Project)

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Letta Microfinance

Since its inception, Letta Micro-finance Institution of Ethiopia has grown to over 2,800 loan recipients who’s $300 average loans have impacted the lives of thousands in their families and communities. Each client is a testimony to the success or the project. The grip of generational poverty is being broken!

Reached Sustainability in 2011 (Legacy Project)

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The Clean Water Project

The Clean Water Project is about global access to clean, safe drinking water. We are also helping develop irrigation projects in areas where getting water to the crops is an issue.

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