Sawla Children's Home

Since 2007, Sawla Children’s Home in northern Ghana has cared for over 50 orphans, providing for their basic needs and more. Now fed and healthy, these children are rising to the top of their classes in school and are showing great promise for the future. Each child is now loved and part of an amazing family that is impacting the surrounding villages and communities. In 2020, the children's home operation converted operation to a private Christian boarding school now called Train Up A Child International School.


Providing a safe and supportive place to learn, play and experience the love of Jesus Christ, this is the first establishment of its kind in the region. Ages of the children in the home range from 5 to 18 with staff consisting of dorm mothers, cooks, security guards and directors. Many of the children now attend school for the first time in their lives. The home is strategically located within the local village, which provides a center of education and safety for children. IAP has been actively digging wells and building pavilions in two nearby villages. These community improvements provide much needed access to clean and safe drinking water and a sheltered environment in which nearby towns can educate their children and hold other social gatherings. IAP remains sensitive to cultural norms and traditions and takes great care to not overstep their boundaries by “westernizing”.

Looking to the Future

Project sustainability is key. Construction is nearly complete, and we area excited to announce that the Sawla View Lodge & Restaurant is now open for business! It will serve as the monetary support for the Sawla Children’s Home. Accommodations currently include 18 guest rooms with four price points from Suites to Economy, so there is something for everyone traveling on official business or leisure. The restaurant is serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, and has just opened the rooftop for dining with a great view of the town of Sawla. The nearest hotel or restaurant are quite a distance from town. Sawla is a regional hub for business and government activity, and the lodge is happy to now offer conference packages. All of these components provide excellent potential for this to be a profitable venture and a strategic step toward bringing sustainability and exposure to the children’s home. Sawla Children’s Home is so much more than an orphanage. It’s quickly becoming a sustainable model for responsible child development in Northern Ghana.

Sawla View Lodge & Restaurant

Sustainability Activities

Farming Activity

Production of maize, yams, cashews, mangos and other crops on over 20 acres has supplemented the home's food budget. Any surplus is sold in the local market for profit.

Tractor Business

The tractor used for farming is also leased out to area farms generating an additional income stream and increasing crop production and food security in the region.

Sawla View Bakery

This commercial bakery is open to the community, providing delicious artisan breads and is the principle supplier for baked goods to both the Sawla Children's Home and Sawla View Lodge.

Learn How You Can Help

Donate Now

Initially a relief effort, IAP was quick to transition our work in Northern Ghana to holistic development initiatives and we are seeing amazing results! Child sponsorship is still needed, until the Sawla View Lodge is fully operational, covering the operational expenses of the children’s home. Monthly or yearly commitments are welcomed or one-time gifts to assist in the completion of the Sawla View Lodge.