March 23 2021

A Covid Update for Ghana

2020 was quite a year.  It is difficult to not be able to travel to Ghana to spend time with everyone with everything that is going on in Sawla.  We had two teams planning trips that had to be cancelled.  Our staffs at the Sawla View Lodge and Restaurant, the Sawla Children’s Home and now the Train A Child International School have done a tremendous job with keeping everyone safe and making sure that everything is running well.

Ghana did not have its first cases of Covid until March 2020.  The health workers kept it all under control for the most part in 2020.  However, now in the end of February 2021, they are seeing spikes in the number of cases.  Ghana has had over 80,000 cases with less than 600 deaths.  There have been only 72 cases to date in the Savannah Region.

There was great news this week as 600,000 doses of the vaccine were delivered to Ghana.  They will start with health care workers, people over 60, those with underlying health conditions, and senior officials.  Hopefully, getting started with the vaccine will slow the spike they are experiencing.

Please keep Ghana in your prayers.